The Teaching Garden

To learn about events in the teaching garden, check out our Events page here or view our Community section here to explore events and classes in detail.

Children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and express a preference for these foods. Our garden programs include lessons on nutrition, resulting in greater knowledge about healthy eating for all ages. Students in our classes will also have the opportunity to learn healthy cooking techniques with the fresh vegetables they grow.

This is a wonderful way to use the outdoors as a classroom, reconnect students with nature and the true source of their food, and teach them valuable gardening, agricultural, and health lifestyle skills. Interested students quickly ask a wide variety of questions, many of which could lead to in depth observations or experimental manipulations. Through access to the teaching garden, people of all ages are able to witness and participate in the growth of a garden from seed to plate and gain hands-on learning experiences with the food they eat.

The educational garden space provides opportunities to learn about gardening and to supply locally grown ingredients for use in community classes.

We have 6 raised bed gardens. Soon we will have a Georgia native plant pollinator garden and outdoor community space for events and classes.

Our pollinator garden will soon be open as an invitation to the local pollinating insects!

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