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Our Donors

We are grateful to all of our donors that help make fulfilling our mission possible. Together we can reduce food insecurity in Barrow County. Your donation helps feed families in our community that need healthy food, through our cafe and donated food from the garden. Together we are supporting a healthier, more accessible food network and educational programs in our schools and in our community to provide people of all ages with the opportunity of gaining skills in gardening and cooking. 


Our Seed Circle

Adam and Catherine Briggs

Dirt Road Farms

Beverly Hemphill

Audrey and BJ Huff

Nannette Kallestad in honor of My Mom, Pat Russell

Anne Mather

McKendree Ramsell

Reed and Holly Sheats

Dana Wildsmith in honor of Grace Scoates

Karen Tate

Our Harvest Council

Michelle Yawn in honor of Robert Wimberly

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Your continued support helps our roots grow!

Donate today to provide greater access to nutritious meals, food resources, and education for people in Barrow County.