We need your help to grow our roots and expand access to ready meals, fresh foods, and valuable educational resources within Barrow County. 


Every $10 = 5 meals at the Community Café. 


Donating monthly is the greatest way to provide sustained support for healthy food and education opportunities in Barrow County! Every dollar counts in this important effort and sends ripple effects through our community to feed families, educate youth, and spread experiences that extend through a lifetime. 


Our team has been working diligently through this summer of the pandemic to improve food security at every opportunity. We have opened our donation-based Community Café 5 days a week in an effort to provide affordable, nutritious food to all people. While our classes have been limited, we have regularly been hosting Boys and Girls club classes in our demonstration kitchen. 


We are seeking funds to help provide healthy meals to people in Barrow County through the Community Café. We need support in continuing to provide our educational resources through our limited in-person classes and at-home growing and cooking kits. We are also gathering funds to support job opportunities for youth in the community to gain lifelong professional skills in the areas of agriculture and culinary arts. Together we can build better access to food-related resources in our community!


What are the benefits of becoming a member?


All donors who donate $100+ will have their name and dedication appear on our donor page, unless specified as “Anonymous”. 

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Your continued support helps our roots grow!

Donate today to provide greater access to nutritious meals, food resources, and education for people in Barrow County.