The Story of Wimberly's Roots

In February 2016, the Winder Housing Authority purchased the abandoned Winder Barrow Middle School, which was vacated in 2013. The Winder Housing Authority seized the opportunity to procure the building and surrounding property in the Glenwood neighborhood, creating the Wimberly Center for Community Development.


In 2016, the Winder Housing Authority was selected as a recipient of the Local Foods, Local Places award. Through this initiative, Winder became one of 27 communities nation-wide that received technical assistance to help integrate local food into the city’s community development initiatives. Wimberly's Roots is a direct result of this event.

We are located in the innovative Wimberly Center and a USDA identified food desert. The Wimberly Center has become a catalyst for revitalization efforts and the focus of the Local Foods, Local Places initiative in Winder.

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Wimberly's Roots is located at the Winder Center for Community Development

163 Martin Luther King Jr Dr

Winder, GA 30680