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Community Programs and Classes

We offer a variety of educational programs in the garden & kitchen for all ages, including after-school with the Boys & Girls Club, cooking & gardening camps, culinary classes with Brenau University, field trips, and private classes and events. 

Participants in our educational programs can experience where food comes from first hand and have the opportunity to explore, observe, and engage their curiosity. The teaching garden and pollinator habitat is comprised of six raised beds for annual vegetables along with an extensive variety of native plants that provide a food source for pollinators and other wildlife. Lessons in the kitchen include nutrition, preparing fresh vegetables from the garden, learning seasonal recipes, and practicing advanced culinary techniques.

Educational Resources

Check our our channel and online resources to learn about plants in the garden and how to cook different recipes! Instructional videos for our kits and at-home learning can be found on our YouTube channel. 

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