Cooking & Gardening at Home

Even when we are not meeting together in the classroom or in the garden, we can still learn and grow together with our hands-on DIY kits.

Each kit includes detailed instructions as well as instructional videos on YouTube to help guide you through the process. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates as we post videos.

To place an order for a kit, fill out the form below. Kits are available for pickup at The Wimberly Center for Community Development, 163 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm. 

Mini Greenhouse Grow Kit- $8

Start your own seeds in a mini-greenhouse! Whether you are new to gardening or have limited space at home, you can still experience the joy of growing your own food. Each mini greenhouse grow kit includes:

1 plastic clam shell container

1 bag of soil

A variety of heirloom seeds

4 biodegradable transplanting pots

Step-by-step instructions

How-to videos and updates

mini greenhouse.jpg

Choose from the following seed mixes that best meets your growing interest and needs. Seed availability will vary depending on the season:

Lettuce Mix- includes a variety of green and red lettuces that can be harvested directly from your mini greenhouse as loose, baby lettuce or can be transplanted into the garden and grown as individual lettuce heads.


Greens Mix- includes collard greens, kale, and swiss chard. These greens can be transplanted into the garden and last all winter long. They are delicious cooked or eaten raw in a fresh salad. 


Brassica Mix- includes broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Seedlings will need to be transplanted into the garden so this kit is ideal for those with a large growing space. 


Microgreens - comes with a mix of colorful leafy greens that can be harvested directly from your mini greenhouse in just a matter of weeks. Microgreens make a delicious addition to salads and sandwiches and are a great option if you have very limited space to grow outside.


Herbs- comes with a variety of culinary herbs that are easy to grow for beginning gardeners and are great for planting in either a raised bed or container garden.  

All of our instructional videos for starting your greenhouse, transplanting seeds, and harvesting microgreens can be found on our YouTube channel!

Ordering Kits

Kits can be purchased through our store. 


In general, you can expect to pick up your kit within 1-3 business days of ordering. We will send you an email when your kit is prepared and set up a day (Monday-Thursday) for you to pickup. Your pickup window is from 8am to 6pm. Let the front desk know you are picking up your order.